This is a story about the journey of finding Grace. 
After a decade of "dialing it in" on her marriage, and 15 years of grieving her only sibling, one public embrace in an airport sets off a chain of events that reawakens a woman who's been subsisting on school functions and society appearances. Supported by a melange of new and lifelong friends, Grace moves from the perfectly poised patron in the balcony box seat of her life to the director, navigating the chaotic, creative, heart-racing twists and turns on the main stage, accepting both the power and vulnerability that comes with the footlights. 
The book is packed end to end with attention to the color, texture and detail that serves as an often overlooked backdrop in a busy life. Observing and savoring those juicy details, Layne brings her readers seamlessly from a secret Napa Valley spa to car towing lots and emergency rooms with wide-eyed awareness, bringing life and all it's interdependencies and impacts into full focus. Equal parts macro lens on high society, poignant reflection on family ties and intimate close up behind closed doors, this is a great book to sip and savor!

Fans of Sex In The City will love this book. Great for women's book clubs - subject matters include marriage, divorce, parenting and friendship. It is a tale that questions if relationships can fail in one context yet emerge successfully in another. 

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