Layne bartending.jpg

Hi, I’m Layne

This photo is of me guest-bartending at my favorite wine bar (I also am an investor) February 18, 2019. I had a blast!

Layne Gray is an author, entrepreneur and experienced events marketing professional. Her background includes executive roles at large companies, including Oracle Corporation and Altos Computer Systems. She also has founded companies include LKE Productions which she grew to $20 million in revenues and 30 employees. Most recently she founded Gray Lane Beauty, a platform that offers beauty products on a subscription basis, similar to Dollar Shave Club. But for mascara. The company hasn’t launched yet but the targeted month is June 2019. Jump over to the Gray Lane Beauty site here if you want to get more info about the launch by signing up for the newsletter.

Layne released her first novel in 2015 and has been dabbling in writing a limited series based on the story. Here’s a link to the book page on Amazon.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon she graduated from the University of Oregon.  

Here's a link to her LinkedIn profile