Background on Grace

Many readers have mentioned that they feel they know Grace. That's great! She's flawed but one of the most sincere people who would do just about anything for a friend. One of the most challenging aspects of writing her character was moving her along in the story from victim to self-absorbed champion to empowered leader.  And that contrasted so much with Peter's character arc.  Yet if you haven't read the book I don't want to give away any more about Peter's character. 

There were some pivotal transitions in the book that kinda created those 'aha' moments (at least they did for me ... as the author :). One of the smallest, or most subtle, was when Grace let go of her sister's ashes. If you think about it - those ashes haunted her, so to speak, for fifteen years - that is a really long time to be holding onto something, or hiding behind it. 

One of the pronounced pivots was that initial lunch Grace had with Lucille after leaving Finedale. She worships this woman and so, so much is revealed. 

Do you have a particular section that seemed like a pivot to you? Please comment below!