Book Launch

Welcome! I am very excited about releasing my novel - Crushed, on October 20th! I have lived with these characters for a long time so it'll be nice to get the story out there in the world. 

Of all the characters I think my favorite one to write has been Gigi. She is wacky and super fun to hand over the great throw-away lines to. I don't want to give anything away but one of my favorite lines that I wrote for her is when she realizes the police are at a party she's co-producing and she says to the one in charge, "Is this about that rude woman down at the permit department? I really don't usually use profanity or threaten anyone's safety as a general rule. It was just that she made me so mad..."  To which the policeman in charge quickly cut her off so she didn't divulge anything he couldn't ignore.

If you've read the book please let me know who your favorite character is in the Comments section below.

Happy reading!